We’re Still Here: 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

I always try to put a little of myself into the displays on my sales floor. I out a lot of myself into this one.


This post comes from Jan, our second floor inventory manager and a Louisiana native.


For me, it’s hard to imagine that it’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina battered the shores of Louisiana and nearby states. My hometown is in southern Louisiana; all my family and oldest friends still live there. Although I now reside in dryest, land-lockiest Austin, Texas, I can still recall the anxiety and uncertainty I felt for my loved ones when Hurricane Katrina made landfall. I can still call up those emotions quite easily. Memories of not being able to reach my parents, brother, and grandparents by phone. Even when I could reach them, I wasn’t able to speak to my dad for nearly a six weeks because he was doing 60-80 hour a week unpaid work for FEMA. Of course, it was still not enough.

Katrina was paradigm-shifting because she reminded us what disaster really…

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