BookPeople Q&A with Vegan Survival Guide to Austin

I am super proud of these intelligent, awesome women. The Vegan Survival Guide to Austin is on bookshelves now!


~post by Emily

Two of our booksellers have written a brand new book that will be on our shelves next week. Vegan Survival Guide to Austin is the first of its kind – a guide to the many vegan friendly restaurants and food trucks here in town, as well as a look at the history of Austin’s vegan scene and the people who have built our vibrant and ever-growing vegan community.

Carolyn Tracy is BookPeople’s web sales manager. Julie Wernersbach is BookPeople’s publicist. They researched and wrote this book, published by History Press, in their spare time. Inspired by the format and success of the bestseller Austin Breakfast Tacos, they have put all of their bookselling and vegan food-eating knowledge to use to create what they hope will be an informative, useful book for local and visiting vegans and for the veg-curious.

We’ll celebrate the release of Vegan Survival Guide

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