Friday Night’s GOOSEBUMPS Live Tweet

Friday night…

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I may have to publish a list of Goosebumps tropes, but I think they’re pretty easy to spot.2014-10-17_stine7_07 2014-10-17_stine7_08 2014-10-17_stine7_09

Leave X-Force alone, Stine!2014-10-17_stine7_10 2014-10-17_stine7_11 2014-10-17_stine7_12 2014-10-17_stine7_13 2014-10-17_stine7_14 2014-10-17_stine7_15 2014-10-17_stine7_16 2014-10-17_stine7_17 2014-10-17_stine7_18 2014-10-17_stine7_19 2014-10-17_stine7_20 2014-10-17_stine7_21 2014-10-17_stine7_22 2014-10-17_stine7_23 2014-10-17_stine7_24

I can’t decide if The Exorcist-style projectile vomiting or the child-vs-dummy fistfight was more ridiculous/entertaining.2014-10-17_stine7_25 2014-10-17_stine7_26

All the while screaming, “Someone you love must die, slaves!” At this point, I’m all side-eye.2014-10-17_stine7_27 2014-10-17_stine7_28

He’s basically that one, entitled kid who screams at everyone, and doesn’t play nice at all. Except that you know that kid is going to grow out of it, and this dummy is basically an insult to that kid because it’s like that all the time. Not so much evil, as really. Fucking. Annoying.2014-10-17_stine7_29 2014-10-17_stine7_30 2014-10-17_stine7_31

Lindy is The Worst. I thought I was going to be on her side for hot minute at the beginning when Kris was annoying her when she was trying to read because, hey, I’ve been there. But no, she may actually be psychotic. If making Lindy out to be this bad was supposed to make Kris more likeable, then well-played. 2014-10-17_stine7_32 2014-10-17_stine7_33

This thing caused so much chaos in about 2 minutes, then it just yelled a lot without effect. Letdown.2014-10-17_stine7_34 2014-10-17_stine7_35 2014-10-17_stine7_36

They were obviously an important cultural part of our art, but they hadn’t made their way into massive popular culture force that they are today, yet.

I do think that Night of the Living Dummy is worth a read because it is one of the more well-known Goosebumps titles. It threw in a couple references to horror stalwarts The Shining and The Exorcist which, if you followed my Stay Out of the Basement! tweets, you’ll know that I always appreciate. It wasn’t the best (that’s still Stay out of the Basement!), but it was actually one of the better ones. I didn’t hate every character like I did for Say Cheese and Die! (another well-known title), and it actually had a plot, unlike Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (which was a long series of “gotcha” scares and a kidnapping).

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