Last Night’s GOOSEBUMPS Live Tweet

Friday night…


Seriously, Lefty is The Best.2014-09-16_stine6_042014-09-16_stine6_05

I mean, it had Cable. Cable! 2014-09-16_stine6_062014-09-16_stine6_072014-09-16_stine6_082014-09-16_stine6_092014-09-16_stine6_102014-09-16_stine6_112014-09-16_stine6_122014-09-16_stine6_132014-09-16_stine6_142014-09-16_stine6_152014-09-16_stine6_162014-09-16_stine6_17

I stand by this. Invisible Dog (and preferably Lefty) shennanigans would be welcome. Someone tell R.L. Stine to write Goosebumps #8247: My Dog Gets Invisible.2014-09-16_stine6_182014-09-16_stine6_19

Look, I know IMDB didn’t exist in 1993, but it couldn’t be that hard to find out the real title for The Invisible Man sequel.2014-09-16_stine6_202014-09-16_stine6_212014-09-16_stine6_222014-10-10_stine6_232014-10-10_stine6_242014-10-10_stine6_252014-10-10_stine6_262014-10-10_stine6_272014-10-10_stine6_28

Let’s Get Invisible! was probably my second favorite read so far. The characters were more likable than any in Say Cheese and Die! and the threat was actually present (unlike Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb). But it’s no Stay Out of the Basement!

My Goosebumps #6: Let’s Get Invisible! tweets on Storify.

Did I mention R.L. Stine is coming to BookPeople on November  15R.L. Stine is coming to BookPeople on November 15!

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