Friday Night’s GOOSEBUMPS Live Tweet

Friday night…

2014-09-19_stine4_01 2014-09-19_stine4_02 2014-09-19_stine4_03 2014-09-19_stine4_04 2014-09-19_stine4_05 2014-09-19_stine4_06 2014-09-19_stine4_07 2014-09-19_stine4_08

Rob Liefeld’s creation of Cable was a crime against comics. I stand by this.

Nothing?!2014-09-19_stine4_10 2014-09-19_stine4_11

These kids, they’re just awful.

2014-09-19_stine4_12 Actually the Dairy Freeze. I guess someone didn’t want to pay out royalties…2014-09-19_stine4_13 2014-09-19_stine4_14


Does anyone know if posting horrific images from a fortune-telling camera violates Instagram’s Terms of Service?2014-09-19_stine4_16 2014-09-19_stine4_17 2014-09-19_stine4_18 2014-09-19_stine4_19

I can only hope for a gold nugget of a sentence in the Happy Meal McNugget of each of these books.2014-09-19_stine4_20 2014-09-19_stine4_21 2014-09-19_stine4_22

I’d say, “There’s no need to be racist,” but everyone is terrible. 2014-09-19_stine4_23 2014-09-19_stine4_24 2014-09-19_stine4_25 2014-09-19_stine4_26 2014-09-19_stine4_27 2014-09-19_stine4_28 2014-09-19_stine4_29 2014-09-19_stine4_30 2014-09-19_stine4_31

I’m not even exaggerating. Spidey dies, and the kids just go home. For the life of me, I can’t understand why this one was so popular (enough so to merit a sequel). It doesn’t have the tongue-in-cheek classic sci-fi cinema references that Stay Out Of The Basement! has, and not a single character is worth siding with. I was genuinely conflicted when Shari disappeared because (a) even though I didn’t like her, no kid deserves to vanish, and (b) I was a little afraid that something real happened to her, but nope. It just turned out the camera made her disappear. This could have been a seriously dark tale; instead, it turns out to be spoiled children who act entitled to other people’s property then get surprised when it backfires.

My Goosebumps #4: Say Cheese and Die! tweets on Storify.

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