Last Night’s GOOSEBUMPS Live Tweet

Last night…2014-09-16_stine2_01 2014-09-16_stine2_02 2014-09-16_stine2_03 2014-09-16_stine2_04 2014-09-16_stine2_05 2014-09-16_stine2_06 2014-09-16_stine2_07 2014-09-16_stine2_08 2014-09-16_stine2_09 2014-09-16_stine2_10 2014-09-16_stine2_11 2014-09-16_stine2_12 2014-09-16_stine2_13 2014-09-16_stine2_14 2014-09-16_stine2_15 2014-09-16_stine2_16 2014-09-16_stine2_17 2014-09-16_stine2_18 2014-09-16_stine2_19 2014-09-16_stine2_20 2014-09-16_stine2_21 2014-09-16_stine2_22 2014-09-16_stine2_23 2014-09-16_stine2_24

Seriously, though. Stay Out Of The Basement! is worth a read. With direct references to Frankenstein and RoboCop (and props to the writers for recognizing they’re essentially the same the story) and indirect references to David Cronenberg’s The Fly, Troll 2, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, you really get the feeling that someone had a lot of fun writing this one. I had fun reading it.

My Goosebumps #2: Stay Out Of The Basement! tweets on Storify.


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